Your role-playing exercise will be held over four days- Nov. 2-11, 2010. Included on this page are the assignment, information slides. Additional information will be sent to each group via e-mail.

Envir Rhet – Role-Playing Assignment – Fall 2010 (revised – Oct. 27, 2010)
Climate Conference Role-Play – information slides

World Climate Proposal Form – each group (Developed Nations, Developing A, Developing B) should be ready to submit one proposal form for their group on Thursday.

    Developed Nations:

Stephanie George – U.S.
Sara Zolnick – U.S.
Will Bennett – Australia/New Zealand
Kristina Scrimshaw – Canada

    Developing A:

McKenna Lehman – India and Thailand
Kelsey Voss – India
James Cruz – China
Erin Hall – Mexico and Taiwan
Kelly Horvath – Brazil
Amanda Howland – Singapore
Tomoya Lamberson – the Philippines
Valerie Lapointe – South Africa
Emily Sherman- Indonesia
Zaimes, James N.

    Developing B

Shaheen Dabestani: Iran
Kaley Hustion: South America
Jaclyn Petrow: Asia
Tori Wong: Central America


Brian Brown – The Blaze
Mary McClellan – The New York Times
Brandy Simpson – BBC News

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