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Will Bennett – Avatar and Environmental Movements from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. Tori Wong says:

    Strengths: I. Love. Avatar. Your introduction to the film and its “players” was well done, and time-effective. You make sweet tie-ins to current concepts like “nature deficit disorder,” environmentalism, and philosophical ideas. The presentation was organized very well; I really liked the way you first introduced the speaker, audience and context and THEN talked about other themes of radical environmentalism and deep ecology.

    Areas to improve: Your thesis was not entirely clear until part way through your presentation, though it was well-argued once it was clear. Also could work on your pronunciation of “navi” 😉

  2. Jaclyn says:

    I really like how you start your presentation with a background on the movie in general. Not summarizing it, but rather stating the setting and scenario at hand.

    When you go into the speaker of the film really raises the question of who is talking to us. But ou are right i think when you say that Jake is the person we are seeing this experience from.

    I like how you go into real world events that indigenous people are being forced off their spiritual land all over the world.

    I love the quote that energy is only borrowed…one day you need to give it back, I think that this does not only illustrate the things that the film is teaching but also brings out the philosophy like you said that how we think of energy is not the right way…this is.

  3. Val says:

    I’m fairly certain that the name of the native people is pronounced Nah-vee not Nav-i. Its a small, silly thing but it kept bugging me throughout your presentation. I agree with what Tori said that your presentation seemed to be ambling along without much direction until you made your thesis clear about halfway through the movie.

    I really liked how you made connections with what happened to the Navi in the movie to real events in the world. I think its easy for us to dismiss films like this as purely fictions when in fact the events that take place are inspired by real events. The pictures you used to illustrate this were great as well. More than just looking at the film, you took your analysis beyond the film into what James Cameron is doing in terms of environmental activism, and what acts the film has inspired. These were great ways to gauge the impact of the film and was also just interesting to hear about.

  4. James Cruz says:

    I do not agree with Tori and others that your thesis was not clear. In the directions it specifically states we need to introduce our piece as if no one knows anything about it. Perhaps we are getting the sense his thesis was not clear in how much time he took to give background on the story and how it relates to his issue. However, as others have admitted once he did deliver his thesis it was crystal clear. Clarity requires foundation; the foundation was the long summary of the movie and other details

    I thought this presentation was one of the best out of the class. Simple, interesting and the topic itself guaranteed everyone was going to be interested. The only area I can think of to improve on is analyzing the effectiveness of the movie. Which specific roles were actors offered, what did the director do after the movie? Specific details of the effectiveness would have been helpful.

  5. Kelly Horvath says:

    Even though I have not seen Avatar, (don’t judge me!) you did a great job explaining the story line and I felt like I had seen the movie, and therefore, was not lost throughout the presentation. Kudos to a good introduction and explanation.

    It was evident that you did a lot of research on this topic, specifically on the director and his viewpoints and goals while directing the movie. And because you were so interested in the topic, I think it made it easier for the audience to follow along.

    Overall, your thoughts and ideas were clear and I agree with Jaclyn about the quote on energy. This strengthened your analysis and I thought it summarized everything well. Good job!

  6. Kaley Huston says:

    I thought this was one of the best presentations of the class. I have never seen Avatar before and had some qualms against it but, after this presentation, I wanted to see it really badly. Your rhetorical argument and contextual background were extremely effective. You seemed nervous but you really had no reason to be. I think this presentation, and its thesis, were very viable and successful. Great job!

  7. Stephanie George says:

    Will, your presentation was well prepared, you seemed relaxed, made good eye contact with the audience, and made the presentation flow well. On the first slide of your powerpoint, the words didn’t add much to the presentation. While what you were saying was very insightful, the words didn’t seem to tie in as well. On the slide where you state, “prestige of the director,” as a bullet point, I would have added “–credibility” for simplicity’s sake/to make it more concise. I liked that you tied in the ideas of deep ecology and radical environmentalism which we had talked about before in class. I also liked your term “ecomartyr;” definitely gets the point across. Finally, you had a clear and irrefutable list of arguments in support of the effectiveness of the movie. Overall, very nicely done.

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