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Valerie LaPointe – Bottled Water from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. Tori Wong says:

    Good topic; the bottled water phenomenon is a GREAT current issue that we all buy into, and a mindset that I have never really understood. You gave us an awesome introduction to the whole campaign and deception behind bottled water, though it wasn’t clear what “text,” if any, you were analyzing.

    I’m inherently pretty opposed to showing video clips in presentations because there are very few times that it actually adds to an argument. But, showing commercials for Nestle Pure Life and Perrier were very effective in proving your point about the commercial consumerism behind bottled water. It’s clear that this is an issue that you’re very passionate about and one that you’ve clearly taken time to research in depth.

    You’re a great public speaker. Slides were a good way of organizing your presentation. They were a little wordy, but you managed to use them in a way that did not take away from your argument.

  2. James Cruz says:

    Great presentation. The issue was important and you are a great public speaker..I honestly do remember one time you said um or used some sort of filler word in your presentation. It was almost as if we were all once again in our regular class discussion, except your comment was much longer. Lastly, unlike other presentations you showed up an example of the text you are analyzing and you broke it down piece by piece thereby illustrating your analysis.

    Oh and one more thing here is a link to the article I was referring to after your presentation.

  3. willbennett2012 says:

    I agree with everything that Tori said pretty much so I don’t have much of anything new to add. You have a really great presence in front of an audience, and it commands the audience’s attention. It really felt like you went above and beyond on the research which is awesome!

  4. Kelly Horvath says:

    This was an interesting topic and although you provided a lot of facts, which sometimes can be boring, they were interesting and important to the presentation. Your introduction was good and provided necessary background information on the topic. The video clips were not only beneficial to your argument, but also entertaining which helped your presentation. It’s clear that your topic was well researched and that you care a lot about it, and you did a great job of engaging the audience. Great job!

  5. Kaley Huston says:

    Like Tori said, maybe fewer words on the slides. They should be simple, succinct and to the point. That being said, everything else about this presentation was really great. The subject matter (Were you in a science class last year? If so, I have to watch “Tapped”, too.), the video clips, the visuals- all added to your credibility and effectiveness. You are a great public speaker; I’m kind of jealous. Great job!

  6. Brian Brown says:

    I agree with those other comments that your presence and delivery of the presentation is great. Usually when presenters focus on the slides a significant amount its not always so good but I think it worked in your case. Your interaction with the slides helped clarify some concepts. As Kaley mentioned, I think you need to reduce the amount of text on some of the slides. Also, it was a little distracting to see you looking at the slides and reading off stats and then didn’t really make an effort to emphasize the significance of those stats.

  7. Jaclyn says:

    I found it fascinating that these water bottle companies are actually from soda companies. I never knew that before and that really changes how i even view water bottles, even though I already know they were not much different then the water we receive from the tap i did not realize that they are pretty much the same in their exact source.

    the rhetoric of fear is a really important point of focusing on, maybe emphasize this more. when did this start? did they target a certain group of people first?

    the clips that you use are really effective in trying to illustrate your point of the water bottle crisis. it was nice because i could get the general idea of these clips from hearing it and seeing the general colors so i could imagine from context what was going on. the fact that federal regulations just have to be as good as tap water which really does not push bottle water companies to go the extra step for bottling the healthiest water available. this is interesting in the fact that many people do not know these facts about bottled water and federal regulations. there has been publicity ont eh fact that tap water is no different but many people still use bottle water just for the container and transporting water to different daily things.

    not only is water bottles a burden for us economically the plastic produced isn’t going anywhere and these trash dumps in the ocean that you explain are rhetoric enough to sway an audience.

    good job on the presentation it was really good!

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