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Tori Wong presentation from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. Brian Brown says:

    Strengths: The delivery of the presentation was very good, you focused on the audience and not the slides and the audience focus was on you with the slides as a framework for what you were discussing.

    Area to improve: I don’t think there was enough focus on the limitations or drawbacks of the ‘text’ as opposed to other mediums. Maybe you could have taken one other form of MTR rhetoric as a quick example or comparison, to help situate your text more appropriately

  2. McKenna Lehman says:

    I think the fact that you chose to analyze a visual was very intriguing, especially since it was such a complex visual. We could have easily been very overwhelmed, but the fact that you broke down the picture into different frames was a well-thought out plan. I, personally, almost instantly pay attention to a presentation better when there are visuals. Your poster drew me in immediately. As well, the fact that you paired your complex poster with simple, straight-forward slides was excellent, they complimented each other. Your speech was almost completely extemporaneous which shows you knew your topic very well and raised your credibility. I would have like to hear more about audiences reactions to this poster, specifically, those who opposed it. It was great that you were so passionate about it, but I agree with Brian when you could have touched a bit more on what the drawbacks were. However, I was completely enthralled the entire time with the way you presented everything. Great job!

  3. Valerie says:

    Echoing the comments above mine I think your choice to analyze a visual was a unique approach to the project, especially one as complex as the one you chose. Usually when people analyze visuals they are part of an advertising campaign but yours was actually designed for a cause, and that was really intriguing. Your passion for this issue is clear, and your voice is strong as you move through the presentation. Use of the physical poster was also a nice addition as it allowed us to see and not just try to imagine how the far right and far left side of the drawing come together. You maintained excellent eye contact and your tone was amiable and friendly, just like your personality. While there was a lot of information on the poster, you presented it in an organized and concise manner. Your body language throughout was very good, and you were able to run the powerpoint and maintain connection with the audience, something a few of the other presenters had difficulty with. Overall it was very engaging and your enthusiasm is contagious.

    I think the last portion of your presentation where you go back to the original slide about Art is the strongest part of your speech. While the whole presentation is well done you really drove the last point home, and the call to action was a nice way to end it.

  4. Jaclyn says:

    I really like how you say that they take true stories and real experiences to create this poster. Talking about railroads, houses, roads and so on really helps us relate to what we know we are doing to nature itself. My favorite part though was when you folded the poster and the future and the past line up to become something we can all work towards and i think this makes the poster inspirational on so many levels.

    The fact that the poster is personal testimony because the illustrations have come from true stories allows an large amount of credibility in the sentimentality and attachment that people from this area must have towards the Appalachia.

    Stating how they attack coal companies and politicians that they attack to help raise awareness and prevent the mountain top removal from happening shows the action that is going on now for this movement, and stating the consequences helps your argument even more.

    What I think made your presentation and the entire topic so effective is the personal connection that you were able to use with your audience, and how the artists were able to use it to draw attention.

    Great closing!

  5. willbennett2012 says:

    I thought your presentation was well presented. You were effective, as James mentioned, in avoiding getting caught up in your slides. I thought you did a very good job of breaking down the text effectively. Great job

  6. willbennett2012 says:

    so did not mean to click post mid sentence… Great job…connecting your personal connections with the movement into the presentation without sounding like you were out to just give us your opinion. Getting the message delivered to us partially through your connection to the movement without it being forced per se was a refreshing angle for the presentation. Also your text was really cool, though I suspect that isn’t what I’m supposed to comment on

  7. kscrimsh says:

    Tori, this was a GREAT presentation! Very interesting and really cool. The way you presented it was awesome: really enthusiastic and barley needing your notes at all! The way you presented really grabbed hold of the audience. Also, I really liked the picture you analyzed. It was so neat! I wish we could have had more time at the end so look at the poster you brought in closer, but that is no fault of yours. Great job!

  8. James Cruz says:

    I thought your presentation was awesome the first time I saw it, but in hindsight I think it was very AWESOME. You focused on one single picture, but you were able to take all the complexity of such a large picture and make it easy to understand. You were the most enthusiastic about your issue, which really drew in your audience.

    As Brian mentioned the only thing I would say to work on was to look at the drawbacks of the rhetorical piece you were analyzing, what were some of the criticisms by the media, common people, experts, radical environmentalists?

  9. Kaley Huston says:

    Definitely one of the best presentations of the bunch. The use of little text within the presentation was extremely effective. You know how to present a subject honestly, intelligently and effectively. There’s really nothing I could see adding to your presentation to make it more effective. This probably wasn’t an intended result of your presentation but I really want one of those posters now. This just speaks to the clarity and honesty with which you portrayed the cause. Even if you weren’t meaning to accomplish this, count me in on this bandwagon.

  10. Stephanie George says:

    I thought your presentation was excellent. I could definitely tell you were very well prepared, had put a lot of time and effort into your research, and that it was a topic which interested you. In the beginning of your powerpoint, it might have been helpful to add a title slide, or to open with a pictue of the poster itself right from the start. The only down side of your enthusiasm is that you talked pretty fast at some points. Nonetheless, it was clear that you had a lot of knowledge about it, and your explanation was very fluid. When you analyzed the voice of the poster, you had a good description and I’m glad you added your personal opinion to it. Your analysis of the context was a bit more vague, but you picked it back up with a good description of the purpose. When describing the audience, I particularly liked that you pointed out the teddy bears and pianos to show the universality of the poster. Your conclusion tied in everything from your presentation very well, and also did a good job to personalize it for the audience. Your questions were also helpful and reflective.

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