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Stephanie George Presentation from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. McKenna Lehman says:

    i remember following this website when the celebrities were actually climbing it so i was really excited when you decided to talk about it. your intro was AWESOME, the music, the visuals, everything. that being said, i would’ve liked to see a better transition from your intro to the part where you start speaking. the website is awesome, but i could tell it was hard to navigate when you couldn’t find the ad you were looking for, however, you saved yourself a bit when you said that was one of it’s downfalls. i liked your imagery of being on the mountain, the only thing about that is that i wish you had it memorized so that you could say it to the audience instead of reading it. i loved how you showed us through the website, it made me want to go look at it later on. shaheen’s question asking about how water connects with the mountain, i wish you talked a bit more about that in your discussion instead of just in your q&a section. i loved this topic, and you did a great job talking about the text, speaker, context, etc. you obviously did your research. great job!

  2. Val says:

    REALLY great introduction, it was powerful, attention grabbing, and engaging. While the intro was very well done, your transition from the intro into the actual speech was a bit shaky. Once you did get started however, I thought the first bit of the speech where you describe the physicality of what being on top of a mountain feels like created a vivid image and helped the audience to get a small idea of what these celebrities went through. Overall, your transitions were a bit rocky, but once you got going your presentation was well paced, you maintained strong eye contact and used great imagery, particularly in the beginning and at the end where you describe what one would feel like on top of a mountain. Like Shaheen and McKenna I was a bit confused how climbing a mountain raised awareness about water, and about the water shortage problem in general. I feel like discussing both of these issues at greater length would have helped to frame this issue better. You did a great job of framing the actual hiking project, but in terms of the issue they were trying to raise awareness for, there was less information. When you discussed the effectiveness of the “Summit on the Summit” you talked about how well they raised awareness on the issue and the political ramifications of it, but did not go into what the actual effects this project had on the people being affected by the crisis. While you were very well prepared with your notes, you rarely broke from them, and therefore the amount of eye contact you were able to make with the audience was less than it could have been.

    Overall I really liked it, and learned alot about this project. I thought you had one of the more original presentation formats and your use of media was very well thought out and executed.

  3. Tori Wong says:

    WOAH. Sweet introduction. I think it was very effective in adding a really dramatic element to your presentation. Your slides spoke for themselves. You also laid out a good road map for analyzing your text. This is a cool topic, and I think you did a good job of dissecting the argument/context of the climbers.

    Using multimedia in presentations is great, and all of your examples definitely fit in with your overall thesis, but I would make sure everything is organized, preferably in one window to avoid unnecessary distractions interrupting your presentation. Also, because of your heavy use of the website throughout your presentation, I was overall unsure whether you were specifically analyzing the “Summit on the Summit” website, or the actual act/media coverage of the climb.

  4. Brian Brown says:

    As all the other comments have said, your intro does exactly what an intro should do. Interesting choice of Escala’s version of clubbed to death. What I liked about your analysis was the brevity and clarity. You didn’t mire us down in a ton of information but talked directly about the text. The only area that I felt a little let down was from your narrative pieces in the beginning and end. I think its a really good way to open and close, but you need to take it slower and let the words sink in.

  5. willbennett2012 says:

    This was captivating, that’s the only word I can think of to describe it. I absolutely loved the introduction, and it was particularly cool because it matched very well with the website for your text. The way you presented the material was really cool with the imagine you are… sections. I had never heard of this before and you presented it in a way that made it seem really cool, which I liked. It definitely added to the analysis. I’m still blown away by the impact celebrities have on people, but it’s always good to see the effect being put towards a good cause.

  6. Kelly Horvath says:

    Okay, so I briefly looked over what other people said and I’m pretty sure they said the same thing as me, the introduction was awesome. It was well planned, creative, and instantly got the audience hooked and interested in your topic. Similarly, you do a great job of narrating the story and encouraging us to imagine climbing the mountain. However, I thought that the website was a little overwhelming and confusing. There were a lot of windows open and sometimes it was hard to follow. Also, it was difficult to understand the connection between the issue at hand and climbing the mountain. It was addressed at the end during questions, but I think it would’ve made your presentation stronger if you addressed the issue more at the beginning and throughout. Overall, good job, it was an awesome topic!

  7. Kaley Huston says:

    Everyone that’s been leaving comments has captured precisely my critiques and your strengths within this presentation. You took a unique approach to something that could have been easily boxed into a presentation standard. The only thing I would have appreciated more if a more succinct definition of the text or graphic you were analyzing. Was it the website? Was it the climb itself? Otherwise, brilliant use of music and a well-time powerpoint presentation. That is no mean feat. Great job!

  8. Jaclyn says:

    Your presentation completely caught me from the start. As many people already said the intro was great, even though I couldn’t see the screen the music was even a good build up for what you had to say. Your presentation was creative in how you structured it and it really got your point out by using the idea of climbing a mountain like has been going on in relation to clean water. The topic was in some ways abstract but really strong.

    I enjoyed listening to everything you had to say, it was very different and something I wasn’t very familiar with. I found your speaking aspect of your presentation to be very strong and educational. I think more visual representations of what the message is supposed ot really be fighting for since youd o use powerpoint would really help strengthen the overall presentation.
    Great job!

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