Shaheen Dabestani Presentation

Shaheen Dabestani presentation from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    Your presentation was really interesting, you are able to explain your topic really well, and you use the images effectively in explaining the science of heat. You did a really good job on informing your audience on the topic, but more emphasis could have possibly be based on the effectiveness on the rhetoric, the purpose of the rhetoric, the voice, and if the book was written for a specific audience. Your expansion on the context was incredibly informative, but it was somewhat hard for me to completely comprehend, I do not know if this was because you did a good job in using your visuals and I could not see them or if the topic was to complex for me to comprehend. All of the components of your presentation were strongly emphasized but I think you could have added more components to the presentation as a whole.

  2. McKenna Lehman says:

    You definitely understood your topic, which makes you credible. However, I agree with Jaclyn that I would’ve liked to hear more about the other aspects of a rhetorical analyzation. I would’ve like to hear critic’s reviews on this chapter and what they thought about this topic, do most people agree with the points you made, or is there a controversy? Though you gave great pictures to go with your talking points, you didn’t really explain where the visuals came from. Where they placed in the chapter along with the text? Since you didn’t reference the pictures, I was confused what connection they had with your text. However, I did enjoy the visual how you explained our relationship of Earth with the Sun, and showed the scientific diagram of how there is an electromagnetic forcefield around our Earth deterring the sun’s rays. I never knew this was how this happened, and was interested in this. Overall, I just would have liked to hear more of an analysis on your part.

  3. Valerie says:

    This is less of a comment for Shaheen and more of a comment for these presentations in general, we should really make use of the remote for the projector so that nobody has to move back and forth between the computer and the podium to switch slides. It feels awkward and it causes weird pauses. Also, I think the podium should perhaps be moved so that you can better view the screen so that you don’t always have to be looking over at it and can maintain better eye contact with the audience. I don’t know if it was the format used or some odd setting on the projector but the pictures on the powerpoint seemed awfully small. While they translate fine in a classroom, in a video format they are harder to see, and if the classroom we are in were any bigger I think that might also have been an issue. However, all of these technical issues aside I thought your topic was interesting and your materials was well organized. While most people picked more obvious environmental issues on a smaller scale you went for a much larger issue that I had never heard of before, and your presentation of it was easy to follow and engaging. I agree with McKenna and Jacklyn that your focus was more on the issue itself and less on the rhetorical strategies in the text, and while it was still interesting I’m not sure it was entirely hitting the mark in terms of the assignment. McKenna asked a good question: is this issue controversial in any way? It doesn’t seem like there is much we can do about this problem since it occurs on such a large universal scale so what is the authors point ? just to inform?

  4. Sara Zolnick says:

    I think Shaheen did a great job of showing and proving his knowledge in this presentation. He really seemed to know what he was talking about and presented the material in a organized and enthusiastic way. I would, however, suggest Shaheen to slow down a little bit in his delivery. At times, I felt myself getting lost and a little confused as he was describing the issue, even though I’m already familiar with it. If he gave us a chance to reflect on the information he was giving us, I think he would have had a better response from the audience. I also wanted to see the rhetorical significance of the text he chose and why he chose it in the first place. Although it was an informative speech, it missed the concept we were trying to cover with the presentations: the rhetoric behind these texts. So, overall, I thought he did a great job but I wanted to understand how the text was influenction, where it was effective, and all of the other rhetorical analysis points.

  5. willbennett2012 says:

    I felt like you were really well informed on the subject which is definitely a boost. More emphasis could have probably been focused on the rhetorical side of what you were looking at. It felt more like you were making an argument than you breaking down someone else’s argument. The effectiveness of your delivery was also great, and the for whom the bell tolls quote at the end was an awesome closing.

  6. Kelsey Voss says:

    Ok, so.. overall, you kept my attention. I like the topic. I was confused about what you were analyzing though. Maybe you should have done a rhetorical analysis about the video you showed us? You could have talked about why or why it wasn’t effective. Or maybe the rhetorical effectiveness of the really cool pictures you showed us. I really liked the pictures, by the way. Were you analyzing the chapter of what you mentioned on the first slide? You mentioned it there, but then never really talked about it again after that. However, you did a good job speaking and delivering the speech. I felt like I was watching an episode of “The Universe”. You did a good job at reminding me how insignificant my life form is.

  7. kscrimsh says:

    I agree with Kelsey. I felt just a little lost about what exactly you were analyzing. I feel like if you maybe touched back onto what you were analyzing throughout your presentation, then it would have been a lot more clear. It was like you mentioned it really fast and it was gone before we could really think about it. Your presentation was really cool though. You were very enthusiastic and the slideshow was awesome. I also really liked how you were able to give your presentation without really using your notes. Overall, you had a really cool topic and presentation but I would have liked you to have explained a bit more about what you were analyzing and why it was significant. And its true, this did make me feel insignificant…:)

  8. Brian Brown says:

    The late, great Carl Sagan is entertaining but I don’ think you should have yielded so much time to him. You’re delivery is fine, although it is awkward to hunch over and look at the slides but such is the nature of the awkward presentation room. You convinced me my life is essentially forfeit to some ubiquitous, celestial force, however, there has to be something more to say about how this whole discussion is framed, presented, or about why Carl Sagan is lying sensually in a field of wildflowers and talking about the cosmos.

  9. ahowland says:

    You definitely knew your material and were very enthusiastic about it which increased your creditability and kept everyone interested. However, I would have liked to know more about the analysis of the actual chapter and how effective it was. The topic was very interesting but I feel as if you didn’t go into enough actual rhetorical analysis on your topic. But good materials presented!

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