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McKenna Lehman – Analysis of the film Wall-E from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. Val says:

    I love Wall-E! Such a great movie, and an interesting way to look at it. Your presentation was very engaging, and you maintained good eye contact and strong posture throughout. I really liked the fluidity in the transitions between visuals. I can’t remember the name of the program you used, but I have seen it used before and I think it really works for presentations like this. Your points were very well organized and researched, although you did tend to talk too fast sometimes. This being said, everything you said was easily understood despite the speed you said it, and you crammed a lot of information in the time you were given. So I guess if it came down to sacrificing content or speaking a little faster, the speed was probably not a bad option to go with. You seemed very well prepared with your notecards, but weren’t afraid to break away from the note cards, and did so with ease. You really did your research, in looking up quotes from the directors, and looking up what Axiom meant. I think your strongest point was that the message from this movie hits us only because we see a possible distopic future in the film based on our current reality. Overall I thought your presentation was very well put together and you did an excellent job engaging the audience and presenting new ideas on the film.

  2. Tori Wong says:

    You had a great introduction that was a bit abrupt, but really pulled us in to your presentation right away. Nice job giving us an outlined roadmap of where you were headed with your presentation–it’s clear that you’re comfortable with public speaking, and have had experience in giving and organizing oral presentations! You gained credibility right away by citing a professional in “film rhetoric” explaining how you performed your rhetorical analysis. Your slides (and visuals) were really well done and very effective, never distracting! And, your use of note cards were not distracting, you gave an almost perfectly extemporaneous delivery and kept good eye contact throughout your very organized presentation.

    I was amazed by your analysis and how you were able to find themes and symbolism within WALL-E that I haven’t recognized in the 4 times I’ve seen the film. Brilliant job, McKenna. You were really well-spoken, personable, and knowledgeable in your topic. You were a joy to work with all semester, and I can’t wait to see where you end up in life. Nice work ☺

  3. willbennett2012 says:

    But seriously… This was a fantastic presentation. First of all prezi, the website you used, is incredibly cool and I will be using that in the future for sure. Your analysis was spot on (now that I saw the movie today) and I agree with Tori that there were themes I would not have picked up on if you hadn’t pointed them out. The picking on their own consumers angle was really interesting and pretty funny as well. I think the only criticism I would offer is that you could slow down a little bit at times. There were a few times where I felt like I was being blown away with a lot of words at once, but it’s not a big problem by any means. c’est un très bon!

  4. Kelly Horvath says:

    I thought your presentation was awesome, it was more creative than a regular powerpoint but still easy to follow. Interesting topic too, although I have not seen the movie, (again, don’t judge me!) you did a great job of explaining both the plot and the environmental issue at hand. You definitely went to a new level with analyzing WALL-E, and I well definitely be watching it soon. I had no idea that it included that much symbolism and environmental meaning. Also, I like how you addressed Disney and consumerism of its products. It was entertaining, which always keeps the audience intrigued in the topic. I agree with others, the only thing I would say negatively about the presentation was that you moved a little too fast sometimes. Otherwise, great job! And on behalf of the class, thanks for organizing the small food party! It was a great way to end the year.

  5. Kaley Huston says:

    There is really nothing negative I can say about this presentation. First of all, I love Wall-E and maybe love it even more now that I see it as a satire. Second, the use of Prezi was awesome. I was trying to use it in another one of my classes and you used it very effectively. You accomplished the assignment and went beyond basic analysis of the rhetoric. Great job!

  6. Brian Brown says:

    I’m not going to rehash what others have said since I largely agree on the success of your presentation. The only area I think that might be improved on is not holding the note cards the whole time especially when your hands are moving on a consistent basis.

  7. Jaclyn says:

    This presentation was great, it was interesting, i have seen the film and the visual part of the presentation was really well put together.

    I found it really interesting that the director of the animation did not acknowledge WALL-E as an environmental message. You were really able to break up the movie in a short quick summary, and you illustrate the importance of the no dialogue in the beginning, making the message of the first half very compact.

    I really like how you go into the life of people at this time, and the impact of consumerism completely ruling their lives. The fact that we are desensitized today is a fact that we need to be aware of and cautious of without a doubt.

    The fact that green, pollution and global warming are not ever mentioned in the movie but is the entire plot and creation of the movie really helps us connect to what we see, and I think you do a great job in really illustrating this in your presentation.

    My favorite part was really when you explained how the film contradicted the movie completely, the consumerism that the movie promotes in making toys for kids completely destroys the message that pixar is trying to send out. Brand name to buy more things, supporting what the film is against. Even though this is an environmental message they are still going to make a profit from it and this raises a fact that even if people want to help the environment today just in general many people will also want to do something that will benefit them in the process, therefore our actions to solve these environmental problems are not as pure and will never completely solve these problems.

    you have a really strong analysis on the environmental rhetoric in WALL-E as a whole and I really enjoyed listening to everything you had to say during this presentation. Some things that can help improve your presentation could be the addition of other interpretations of the movie since as you said in the beginning the interpretation is left opened to the viewer. So in your mind could there be any other interpretations of what the rhetorical message of WALL-E could be or did you come across any in your research?

    Great job! loved this presentation!

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