Kristina Scrimshaw Presentation

Kristina Scrimshaw presentation from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    This is a cool topic because there was a big protest recently held to raise awareness and pass legislation in favor of banning mountaintop removal. Quote by James Hansonis really effective in showing the damage mountaintop removal does to the environment and community. Additionally, your information on the amount of arrests at this protest shows how passionate people are about this issue to get arrested for it. Going in front of the white house and the sit in at PNC bank are strong illustrations on how important people find the problem to be. Only a small portion ever really do anything and then the rest have a problem with it but don’t do anything at all, so for a hundred and five to get arrested shows that there is a lot more than just a few people that have something to say about this.

    You also bring up how these arrests raises more media involvement which you said positively and then you mentioned late on that the newspapers had this protest on the first page but barely talked about the purpose of the protest if at all, and instead focused more on the arrests in DC.

    Critiquing James Hanson’s previous arrests shows that you thought critically about what you are presenting which made me believe in the presentation more.

    You mentioned that even though the media only talks about the arrests, the protest is still informing people on the problem at hand. But how publicized was the protest outside of the DC area? Even though the protest drew attention for a certain amount of time, was this protest effective in terms of new legislation being passed or being created to be passed, was the protest persuasive enough to change the EPA’s lack of involvement in this issue? After looking at the protest critically which you have clearly done very well do you think that the protest could have been done differently or someone in the protest should have contacted a media source before the take to publicize what was going to take place? In shorter terms, do you think they should have done anything differently to be effective?

  2. Val says:

    You seem to have done a substantial amount of research on this topic and your use of visuals was good, however I feel like the delivery was not as smooth as it could have been. Perhaps more time spent practicing on flow and intonation would have helped, because your message was good and your presentation was well researched and easy to follow, however I just felt the energy was not as high as it could have been overall and the audience was not engaged at a high level.

  3. Sara Zolnick says:

    I think this was a really cool idea for a presentation and I liked how you used a protest as your text. You were very detailed and enthusiastic about the material, which helped engage and interest the audience. Overall, your delivery was great and enjoyable to listen to!
    I would suggest you narrow your focus a little bit, though. I felt like I was getting an understanding of the protest, but when you spent a lot of time on the arrests that took place, I lost the concept a little bit. I didn’t see how the arrests were that important to the overall presentation. I understand that you were trying to show how the dedication of the people in the protest lead to multiple arrests, but wasn’t the presentation on the rhetorical effectiveness? And though celebrities do have a big impact on campaign (my entire presentation was about the use of celebrities,) I didn’t see how the arrest should take up so much time.
    Otherwise, great job! I really enjoyed listening to your presentation.

  4. willbennett2012 says:

    Confidence Confidence Confidence!!! You had a really great presentation but you seemed nervous and worried. You shouldn’t! The material was very interesting and I thought the presentation was very effective. I think it would have been quite captivating had you sounded more excited and enthusiastic about it. Work on that and I think you’ll be in great shape the next time you give a presentation.

  5. Kelsey Voss says:

    I think your topic is really cool. I wish we could have had a discussion after :/
    I like the questions that you asked us at the beginning, which got my attention. It really is a hard question to answer. I also liked how you told us exactly what you analyzed and how you went about it. We both are pretty monotone in our speeches so we should work on that. I think the quote you read about pollution (from mtn top removal) could have been left out now that I’m listening to this again. Also, I agree with Will that you should work on confidence. However, you did a better job on this speech than you did on other speech deliveries in the past! So I think your IMPROVEMENT is spectacular.

  6. Kaley Huston says:

    This was a good presentation because the material itself is seemingly difficult to analyze as far as rhetoric is concerned. However, you accomplished that. Good job! I know I have difficult being forceful and confident within settings like this but you were very knowledgeable and had every reason to be authoritative. Be a little more confident in your presentation next time and it will be fantastic.

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