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Kelsey Voss presentation from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    I loved this presentation….you completely caught my attention as soon as you mentioned ice cream, and you educated me on the importance of honey bees which I never knew before. There are other topics that I have been aware of, knowing the existence and all that but this topic was completely new which did not only make it more appealing but also surprised me in the importance of this problem. I am more of a ben and jerrys girl instead of hagan daz so I have not heard about this campaign at all but there website that you explain in the presentation really seems so much cooler than any other campaign i have ever seen or heard of. Also, when you go into all the applications on the website that illustrated that amount of steps hagan daz has taken to promote and catch the attention of the public. It is all very creative and looks like fun. I also like the url name, the animation is cool, AND when you go into the personification of the honey bees helped point out something that I would not have noticed…mainly because I can’t see…but the importance of the personification in terms of the campaign is really significant in representing them as significant as people..because people clearly need honey bees.

    Your topic in my opinion was so interesting, but it would be helpful foryou if you could promote your speech by being compatible with the information you are sending out the the audience. I know sometimes it’s hard if it’s not what you are used to doing but if you think things are cool you should project that in your voice tone, change variation in volume, being more animated, and really getting into your experience on the website and showing us how cool you really thought it was.

    I am totally for saving the honey bees now! BUT how can we do that…what do we need to do to fix this problem? Is there a solution for it, and how to we put it in action? Hagan Daz has done an awesome job in creating a cool campaign in establishing way we should save the honey bees but if we don’t know what is causing the deaths of them besides a fl like disease than how are we supposed to save them? How can we put this campaign into action? Is raising money for research the only thing we can do? And if so why should we give money to research for the honey bees instead of research towards something that people might have much more of an emotional connection to like a disease? If you mentioned this and could create a promotion I think this would have completed the entire amount of perssuassiveness needed to make this presentation absolutely amazing, even though it already was so fascinating to listen to.

  2. McKenna Lehman says:

    Ice cream is one of my favorite things, ever. So the fact that you say a way to save the bees is ice cream, that was one of the most effective opening sentences I’ve ever heard. I was immediately drawn in, so kudos! I’ve never heard of this campaign, so I was eager to learn more about it. I love how you expanded so much on the interactive website. You drew us in as an audience and encouraged us to try it out, which is exactly the same effect that the website had on you. I would have liked to hear a bit more on the effectiveness on this campaign, are they still doing it? Has the honey bee problem been eliminated? I also would like to hear more about the context of this campaign and how it has been effective in our generation specifically. You also seem to be really passionate about this topic, so I would have liked to hear more of that enthusiasm in your presentation style.

  3. Valerie says:

    Ice cream is the way to solve the worlds problems. I’m totally down for saving the world if this is the case. Sign me up!

    REALLy interesting topic, like the posters above me I had never heard of this campaign before, but I do eat ice cream, so this was really interesting to learn about.

    You have a very slow and deliberate way of speaking, which is good as you are easily understood and followed but sometimes the pace lags a bit because of it. This is not to say that your points were not interesting and well articulated but just that, particularly in the beginning I feel like the pace could be picked up a bit. I mean you are talking about ice cream! I’m pumped, get pumped! I think overall your presentation would benefit from a small plug for a call to action (as Jacklyn also mentioned) and more variety in your intonation. You made excellent use of visual aids and the fact that you had personally spent a good amount of time interacting with the sites you shared helped, as we could feel your genuine passion and interest on the topic.

  4. willbennett2012 says:

    Best introduction ever. That’s all I’ll say about that part. As for the rest, it was really visually appealing. I really liked the way you used exceptional screen shots from your topic, and the bee you made was a great touch. I felt like you were really moved by the movement. One point where I was a little confused was where you said they were out to save the bees because it helped their profit, whereas other companies out for their own interests. They seem like one and the same, and I was a little thrown off by that. Really cool subject, though I had never heard about it before; guess I should eat more ice cream? I thought this was the best delivery you’ve given all semester. Great job altogether!

    • Kelsey Voss says:

      thank you!!! you guys are right.. i’m such a chill monotone person in every day life, that sometimes i can be like that in my speeches, so i’ll work on that next time. i’m going to post the link to the video i told you guys about on the homepage of our blog somewhere. 🙂
      keep eating haagen daz ice cream. its a good stress reliever for finals week

  5. kscrimsh says:

    Kelsey, you crack me up! But about your presentation, I REALLY liked it. Again, I am so jealous of your topic! You found such an interesting thing to talk about and analyze! You were talking slow, and you did not jumble your words, so good job!:) And I know that you were trying to be enthusiastic, and you were, but just take it up a notch a little bit more. I totally have the same issue though…. Overall, really good presentation!

  6. Kaley Huston says:

    Great job! You really picked an engaging and interesting topic that grabbed more than a few ice cream lovers in the audience. The presentation was a little confusing as to how the profits were going to benefit the bees and the website in general but that can be very difficult to analyze and present. You effectively established a rapport with the audience, which is not something that is easily done. Great job!

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