Kelly Horvath Presentation

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    I think your presentation is super clear in the problem that you are presenting with national parks, accessibility, and roads. And in how many parks if not all these problems are existent. I find it really effective in the way you go on explaining what non-environmental things such as roads and hotels are in these national park, and also in presenting a strong reasonable proposal. In my mind if people want to experience the natural beauty of these national parks they shouldn’t go driving through it, it should be done naturally by walking or biking f possible. If it were to be done any other way there really should be no point in going to a national park because it takes away from the beauty that the park has to offer whether people realize this or not.

  2. Brian says:

    Strengths: Focus on the audience and not slides are notes is very good. Also, your use of images from a number of different national parks flowed well within the presentaton.

    Area to improve: I think some mention of how the National Park Service feels about development would’ve been appropriate. The perspective seemed largely from Abby, since it was your text, and what visitors perceive about development.

  3. kscrimsh says:

    This was so interesting! You really presented the problem well and explained it throughly. I also really liked the visuals because it gave me perspective of what exactly you were talking about. And, I really liked the issue in general: do you make national parks more easily accessible, or do you leave them as they are? I personally think that they should leave them untouched so that only die-hard nature lovers can/will want to go into the parks…Anyway, very interesting topic and a really good job!

  4. Val says:

    You did a great job presenting this issue, and the visuals you present in the powerpoint were well selected and well used. The context that you were able to build around this situation was well crafted. I found the notion that accessibility in the problem not the solution to be very interesting. There has been a good deal of talk recently about the value of eco-tourism, but what is the cost of this? Roads have to be built and hotels are put up, and so even though we are eco-touring our nations great landmarks how much of an impact are we leaving? This was an interesting angle to pursue and you do a good in-depth analysis of it. The number of examples you included in the powerpoint really drove the point home, overall you made excellent use of visual aids.

  5. James Cruz says:

    You presentation really set the tone for the rest of the presentations throughout the past two weeks. You made it simple and concise yet interesting. Furthermore, I think you were the first one to utilize ethos, logos and pathos to analyze your issue. Overall great presentation!

    One area to improve on is your delivery as well as perhaps a short video to really draw in the audience.

  6. Kaley Huston says:

    You did a great job, Kelly. I really have no critiques as far as what you could do better. It really started the presentations off right.

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