James Zaimes Presentation

James Zaimes – Global Warming in the Media from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. Val says:

    Your powerpoint was well organized, but would have benefitted from some images or at least some color. Be careful of vocal fillers like “um,” it is ok to have pauses occasionally, not every moment needs to be filled. Good extemporaneous style but was a smidge lacking in energy. When you are talking about journalistic bias I think it would have been helpful to include examples, either video clips or quotes. It is always more effective to show that it is to just tell. You did a really great job of creating context around the issue and providing historical examples to back up your claims.

  2. Tori Wong says:

    Great work, James! You clearly laid out your argument and outlining the article you were critiquing (in your introduction) definitely added to your credibility. This article is an interesting choice though, because it seems to be completing rhetorical analysis of media, so you ended up having to do a rhetorical analysis of a rhetorical analysis…overall I think you did a great job of introducing us to media in environmental issues and in the global warming argument. I liked how you took ideas about Rhetorical Analysis’s that we had talked about in class, like audience, and then broke it down into different ways in which it applied to your topic. The organization was a little jumpy/unorganized, but I see where you were going with it…

    On a side note, I like your flower slides-they’re very cute…

  3. Brian Brown says:

    The slides were good in that they guiding the discussion and were not filled with tons of words. However, an image or would add a little in the way of making the slides a little more interesting. In the delivery, you went through the material of the presentation effectively but you didn’t seem that interested in what you were saying. A little more emphasis and eye contact with the audience was all that was needed.

  4. Kaley Huston says:

    Your presentation was intelligent and well-informed. You stuck to the topic and really nailed the assignment. Next time I would say to rely more on visual aides; they can definitely help with keeping the audience’s attention intact for the entire 15 minutes. You knew your topic and easily spoke about it, which is no mean feat. Well done!

  5. Sara Zolnick says:

    great job! you had a really nice introduction of your source and went through all of the steps for rhetorical significance. i definitely felt like i understood what you were talking about. but i wanted to see a little more enthusiasm from your side. it felt a little flat, which made it hard to concentrate at times. why did you like this text and how did it speak to you? maybe try condensing the information to the most important things so we can get a clearer understanding of the material. otherwise, you had a solid conclusion and did a very nice job!

  6. Jaclyn says:

    The topic you chose is really interesting, but i feel like the strength of your presentation could have been increased in terms of how you speak, and use your notes.

    The role that money plays in what is shown and not shown in the media I think really says a lot that the problem is’t only what we are doing to the environment but also our ability in society to be able to focus on the important of the context rather than what would benefit themselves more. This is shown when you say that media
    companies won’t televise something on an oil company with negative context when they are a strong financial provider for their broadcasting.

    You used strong examples to present your main point of rhetoric in the article. To state credibility it might strengthen the articles power or information of the expertise of the two authors would stated briefly in the presentation.

    The fact that global warming is only brought up in the times of natural disasters that have been shown to be triggered because of global warming.

    I really like your statement that the media is creating a problem, media is hurting global warming’s cause.

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