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  1. Tori Wong says:

    Strengths: Very fun introduction of the text, you’re very energetic and represent the film well. Your visuals add, not take away from the presentation and the graphic plot blocks summarized the text effectively. You used your time well. Themes within the text were strongly addressed in your presentation (education, religion, etc), and while little time in your presentation was spent directly analyzing the points of rhetorical analysis we covered in class (audience, purpose, ect), you were able to address important topics/concepts.

    Areas to improve: What I was able to read of the Washington Post article was really negative but offered an interesting perspective on the text. You didn’t talk much about the review, but I would have liked to hear your response to the article.

  2. Jaclyn says:

    My voice sounds really nasally and I should really try to put my hands in my pocket and probably not be so scared to look directly at the audience the whole time because there is really no point in looking back at the powerpoint screen…I should know by now when I look back i won’t be able to see it. But overall after listening to myself I feel good about the information I was able to put together…need to watch a little bit of linguistic fillers and grammar. And also should be more organized when I talk about the plot of the movie. What do you guys think?

  3. Jaclyn says:

    Oh and Tori….in response to what you said about the critic article…I didn’t go into it enough, I felt very tight for time. But it wasn’t put in specifically to promote the movie but rather the rhetoric and illustration of humans that are present. It takes a couple lines to finally get to that point….Maybe next time I should make sure it is more concise. Thanks though, that is a really good point…I should clarify that I am not trying to promote the movie just illustrate the rhetoric the critics saw in the movie in the same perspective as me.

  4. Val says:

    You did a really great job of engaging the audience and maintaining eye contact and overall the presentation was very high energy. Plus you picked a fun topic that we all know a little about, so that helps too. You also made great use of visuals in your powerpoint. The points you offered up about teamwork and pitching environmental issues to kids were interesting, but I think that a quick comparison of how other films or mediums relate to children would be interesting. There are a bunch of other kids movies out there that deal with environmental issues that probably influenced this text and how it was received. Your presentation did a great job of looking at this film, but I think broadening the scope a bit would help to analyze the context under which the film emerged and the impact it had, if any.

  5. McKenna Lehman says:

    Great job at your extemporaneous speaking style! I, for one, am terrified to present without an outline or notecards, so major kudos to you for going without either! From the very beginning you presentation was fun and very conversational. You got the audience laughing right from the very beginning. I would have loved to have heard more responses about the movie, the one review that you gave was great. I know it was important to show what the characters were like, but I think you could have cut down the movie clip a little bit so you could have more time to devote to the actual analyzation instead of the character development, since you described them in the beginning before the movie clip was even showed. I like how you weren’t afraid to play on the fact that it was a scary movie, yet very relevant to what’s going on in the world today. Your presentation and questions promoted great discussion which got everyone involved. Great job!

  6. willbennett2012 says:

    I liked this presentation a lot. What I most liked was that you didn’t use notes. That was a really strong point in your presentation. The visual was very appealing but not overwhelming as well, and it didn’t take my focus off of you as the speaker. One thing I would change is that I think you put a little bit too much emphasis on the background of the movie and the characters, and didn’t focus quite as much on the environmental themes. I also think the clip was a little bit too long and wasn’t entirely necessary to analyzing the environmental themes.

  7. Kelly Horvath says:

    You did a great job speaking and making eye contact with the audience, and it seemed like you knew your topic really well. It was an interesting topic, and I enjoyed it because I had never seen the movie before. But I think you focused a little too much on the background and information about the movie and characters instead of talking about the environmental problem it dealt with. You could have focused more on the yellow dragons (bulldozers) and the other environmental problems that the movie addresses. Overall, great job!

  8. Kaley Huston says:

    Jaclyn, first of all, I loved this movie as a kid. Definitely win points for that! You were very effective as a speaker and were able to mix background with the rhetoric analysis, which was a difficult task. I extremely enjoyed your presentation and thought it was really good. One of the things I would improve upon is using better graphics. I’m a really visual person and so that kind of took away from the presentation. Also, you could maybe use the same program McKenna did to make your presentation. It would look more professional and probably be easier to use as far as youtube clips and such. Great job!

  9. Jaclyn says:

    I really agree with you guys with cutting the clip, I felt like when I was doing it I could have actually cut it probably thirty seconds before i did after the three main ferlings left their families, I didn’t need to stay for the introduction of Michelle.. And if I had those thirty seconds I could have went more in depth into the illustrations of the yellow dragons and sewer and so on, or even the educational illustration in the film. My initial plan was to use the book to illustrate because there really isn’t a lot of images of the movie that I could find which was a big problem. So I planned on going through it with the usage of the picture book, but that all got changed. I feel like I definitely could have uitlizied that time though and am sorry I didn’t, I don’t like using power points…they are way too visual for me. But I am really happy to hear from the people that responded to the blog that you enjoyed listening to my presentation.

  10. Stephanie George says:

    Overall, I loved your presentation! In the beginning, I liked that you introduced the characters as your “friends.” It was humorous, and made it more personal. The opening clip was also nice because it gave us a quick insight into each of the character’s personality. The flow chart slide for the plot was also very helpful, because the storyline seems somewhat confusing, so the chart definitely helped clarify. I also liked that you moved around and pointed things out on the projection screen. The way you mixed in talked about the plot and the rhetorical analysis aspect of the presentation flowed well, but was somewhat convoluted. I loved your comment about the men who “sound like Darth Vader,” when referring to the men in gas masks in the meadow. Definitely hit home the fact that they’re bad guys, since Darth Vader is a villain most people know well. I also liked the video clip that was used as a good refute to critics who thought the movie was too dark. Nicely done, Jaclyn!

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