Erin Hall Presentation

Erin Hall – These Sunsets Are to Die For from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. McKenna Lehman says:

    first of all, the fact that you actually spoke to Shepard Fairey just blew my mind. you should have mentioned that in the very beginning because i think it would have up-ed your credibility from the start. i really like the first picture you chose, i felt it was thought-provoking, and a bit eery as well. it was great how you analyzed every little part of the photograph and really took it apart. i know you were short on time, but i would have loved to see even more pictures from fairey. the way you related it to our context was great, i really understood the connection well. as for your presenting style, i would’ve liked to hear a bit more enthusiasm in your voice. this topic is super cool, i think, and you know your topic very well, just be more confident with it. great job!

  2. Val says:

    If a component of this project had been a written paper you would have knocked it out of the park. The paper that you read from during this is exquisitely written, well researched and interesting. This being said, this project was about presentation, and while your material was excellent, it would have been helpful to do less reading and more engaging through an extemporaneous speaking style. During the end of the presentation when you stop reading and start really speaking to the audience your personality really shines through and you come across as warm and personable.
    A few times while reading you got tripped up over the words, and I feel like if you had bullet point instead of a large essay to read from this would not have happened and the presentation would have flowed better overall.

    You made great use of visuals and allowed the audience to critically reflect on the images you presented. Also- the fact that you were able to get in contact with the artist is just awesome.

  3. Tori Wong says:

    Shepard Fairey is one of my favorite artists…nice choice, you get brownie points in my book right off the bat! You introduction with Sinclair quotes was a great attention-grabber. Your visuals were effective, not distracting and definitely necessary to show us Fairey’s work in the environmental movement. I would have liked to heard more about the ties to environmental concepts in your text.

    Your topic is great, your powerpoint is great, you know what you’re doing! Show us! You seem nervous and spend a lot of time in your notes, but I think a little confidence could go a long way! I definitely recommend running through your presentation beforehand to smooth out any wrinkles in transitions, etc. Your text is a great choice, you’re golden!

    And WOAH WOAH WOAH. You MET SHEPARD FAIREY. That’s BIG news. I agree with McKenna-flaunt that, girl!

  4. Brian Brown says:

    I think the other comments have hit the crucial points. Your power point works really well and the choice of topic is excellent. The content of what you say is well thought out and poignant. And again your problems weren’t as much what you were saying, just the way you went about it. I felt as if there were three sources of information in the presentation: the slides, you, and what you wrote. By just putting the paper down on the podium and using it as a guide, not precisely what you were going to say, would’ve made the delivery a lot more smooth.

  5. willbennett2012 says:

    Not to be superfluous with these comments but I have to say that is very cool that you talked to shepard. It would have been nice to have put some more example of his work in the presentation rather than having to go to the website to find one. I really liked the choice for the main one you looked at though. Try to get off your script more. Your presentation would be upgraded a lot with some more eye contact. Eye contact makes me feel like I’m having a conversation with the speaker, which is good. Just putting together a sheet of talking points works really well for me. If you practice the presentation you can get a pretty good feel for what you say based on the talking points.

  6. Kaley Huston says:

    You seemed really nervous about presenting, a little flustered, and I can totally understand that. Public speaking is difficult but you made it through. Pat yourself on the back! I really enjoyed your presentation. It was simple, to the point and effective. You should have mentioned that you talked to Fairey much earlier in the presentation, as that would have added more credibility to your presentation immediately. Less time rely less on your notes and establish more of a relationship with the audience. We wanted to know what you, Erin, had to say.

  7. Jaclyn says:

    Your quotes that you used in the beginning of the presentation was very effective in terms of providing strong descriptive illustrations of the that were on the power point. I like the new meaning the artist adds to sunsets; illustrating that there can be two meanings to something. In this case sunsets is the warning of death, the sun is going down, the day is done, your life is done.

    The part of your speech when you say that Obama used this artist for artistic production on posters for his campaign. This illustrates how well known and talented the artist is in terms of creating images to sway the audience.

    To answer your question in the presentation on how his work makes me feel, even though I cannot see the details that I am sure exist in these paintings, the colors he uses and the strokes of the paintbrush in the way he paints provides a captivating mixed feeling emotion in me.

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