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  1. McKenna Lehman says:

    I thought this topic was very interesting. i really liked your use of powerpoint and also the fact that you brought us to the actual blog and showed us around, it made me want to check it out once i had a chance to. however, i feel like your presentation would have been much more effective if you practiced a more extemporaneous style. it was hard to keep my attention since you were reading from a piece of paper most of the time. however, since your visuals were very interesting that definitely kept me interested. i like how you questioned the fact that there were fun parts within the blog and if they had any part in being there. i would have liked to hear more about the context of this blog, maybe you could’ve compared it to similar blogs to see how it exactly measured up. i also would’ve been interested to see how many people actually read the magazine/blog.

  2. Val says:

    I agree with McKenna that you made good use of visuals but would have benefitted from building up the context around this blog a bit more. I liked how you took us on a tour of the website and discussed the fun parts in addition to the educational parts. This is something we are all guilty of at one point or another, but be careful of vocal fillers like “um”. To prevent these its best to rehearse and don’t be afraid to allow for pauses. Not all silences have to be filled. The points you make are well thought out and organized but you should deliver them in a more extemporaneous style so that you can better engage the audience. Constantly looking down at notes also detracts from time that you can be making eye contact.

  3. Tori Wong says:

    WOAH Emily, your powerpoint is colorful, bright, and awesome. Great job of grabbing our attention right away! Your text is very cool, and it’s clear that you’ve done your research. I’m not sure if it was completely necessary to go through the whole table of context, but you’ve definitely made me want to read this magazine (aka. you should maybe look into a career in marketing :P). I would have liked to hear more about who you think the author is targeting, purpose, etc.

    A (somewhat unrelated) note on you and public speaking: you spent a lot of time in your notes (and didn’t make much eye contact), but it’s clear that you know what you’re talking about! You look beautiful, and I know you know a TON about this text, show us!

    ps. EVOLUTION of the squirt gun! SO COOL.

  4. Brian Brown says:

    Choosing to analyze an environmental type magazine/blog is cool. Great topic. I don’t really have much to say about the content of your analysis, I think it worked. Going to the site and seeing the different stuff they posted was also interesting. What made it hard to follow was you reading off your notes and not really addressing the audience. Or, for example, on the just for fun slide you read off all the things but I was reading that on the slide and it didn’t really add anything to the actual analysis. Bringing up one or two examples instead of a whole list of seemingly random topics.

  5. willbennett2012 says:

    I really liked the way you showed us some stuff on the informational side of the topic and some on the fun side as well. As Brian said, when you read through the article titles on a couple of slides I thought that was a little bit unnecessary, and I would use that time for some more analysis of the text. The topic is really cool though and I went on the website as soon as I got home. I agree with Tori and McKenna on the eye contact bit. If you get out of the notes a little more it will really add to the audience’s experience.

  6. Kaley Huston says:

    I had never heard of this magazine before today. I’d be interested to learn how you discovered it. The tour of the website was effective, as were the visuals. However, you didn’t go into enough detail about the rhetoric itself (i.e. speaker, message, etc.) I was a little confused as to the overall message of the presentation itself. You seemed very knowledgeable and like you could handle the public speaking aspect of the presentation. Good job!

  7. Kelly Horvath says:

    Your powerpoint was both informative and easy to follow, so props for that. The bright colors definitely made it hard to look away from and kept my attention. This was an interesting topic, especially since I have never heard of the blog site and/or magazine. I liked how you analyzed the four sections, or categories, such as stewardship and information. Of course, I also really enjoyed the fun facts part. It was entertaining and important that you addressed this section because as the class agreed, it’s easier to read any work when there are some interesting, or fun, facts. The only critique I have is that you read a lot from your notes, instead of looking at the audience. Try to engage the audience a little more and keep eye contact. Great presentation!

  8. Jaclyn says:

    Your topic really took me offer guard in the sense that certain magazines you looked at wouldn’t have come across to me as environmentally progressive. Your powerpoint worked in the design with where you were focusing your analysis on. I found this very effective.

    The effectiveness of the articles seems to be much stronger than what I would have thought for reasons you pointed out such as the lists provided of things we can do.

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