Brian Brown Presentation

Brian Brown – Obama and the BP Oil Spill from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. James Cruz says:

    Brian you need to talk more cause everytime you say something its hilarious. that is all

  2. Val says:

    You have a very odd way of pacing your speech. I’m not sure if its good or bad, just something I noticed. Your visual aids were well done (except for the unexplained Ron Jeremy reference) although it was distracting how you had the power point slides going while you were talking. I found myself watching the slides and trying to read the content on them instead of listening to what you were saying. If you are going to include slides with worded content you should stop and address them so the audience doesn’t get distracted. You used humor quite effectively and were able to maintain eye contact and have confident body language throughout. Occasionally you would start speaking too fast and your words would run together making it difficult to understand exactly what you were saying. Overall though I thought your organization was good, and you really did a great job creating context on this issue.

  3. Tori Wong says:

    Dear Brian,
    I think you are a pretty goofy person. I like it-it totally works. You’re going to take that the wrong way, I can tell…but I think you’ve done a great job this whole semester, and I think you should know ☺

    In regards to your presentation…I think using McKenna to switch your slides was a really great idea because you had a lot of slides and it definitely would have been distracting if you had been bouncing back and forth to click the mouse. Overall, I think your visuals added a great amount to your presentation, but agree with Valerie in saying that the slides in your introduction were kind of confusing. I spent so much time trying to figure out what was in the (fast moving) introduction slides, that I paid little attention was to what you were saying (whoops!!!). During your question and answer period, you revealed to us that those images were all the top “Google Images” search results-what a cool concept! Explaining that context from the beginning would have made all the difference for me.

    It’s clear that you’re very knowledgeable about your topic. Your credibility is significantly boosted through your use of “expert” analyses. Good job of defining potentially confusing terms (ex. Rhetorical power). A lot of comparisons and flashbacks to other presidents added to your message of importance of media in our views of the president. Paralleling Obama’s handling of the spill with Jimmy Carter (Three Mile Island), and G.W. Bush (Sept 11) was awesome. It’s obvious that you’ve really done your research.

    You’re a great public speaker, though I don’t think you give yourself nearly enough credit. And you’re really great with words, for example when you said, “He holds the issue in his hands” summarizing Obama on the coast days after the explosion. That’s all you needed. Great work!

  4. willbennett2012 says:

    So first of all second to what Tori said. The goofy persona thing makes your presentation flow and keeps the audience intent on watching you. I liked your powerpoint slides, and I didn’t lose my attention in it either. My biggest critique would be to slow down a bit and work on enunciating a little more. Sometimes I miss what you say because it flows too quickly, and it’s usually funny so I’d rather not miss it. Really interesting presentation overall though.

  5. Kaley Huston says:

    If you’re not interested in going into any manner of public speaking after college, you should be. You have the distinctive ability of capturing your audience for 15 minutes, which I think we can all say from experience is difficult. You have a sense of humor and are intelligent. Good combination. This topic was really interesting and I think we could all relate, which was another strength of the presentation. The only thing I would improve on is the pacing of the slideshow. I know that can be difficult but that is really the only thing I can critique. Good job!

  6. Kelly Horvath says:

    As everyone else is saying, you are a great speaker cause you keep the audience interested with your humor, which is a great quality! I really liked your presentation because you added some entertainment with the pictures relating Bush and Obama dealing with their crisis. At times though, you moved fast and it was a little difficult to follow. But besides that, I thought it was a great presentation and a really interesting topic so good job!

  7. Sara Zolnick says:

    like everyone else, i loved the humor in your presentation. it definitely helped gain audience attention and i loved the hilarious side comments you would throw in.
    my only complaint is that, when the slides were going by quickly on the projection screen, i found it hard to listen to what you were saying while trying to look at the photos. maybe slow it down just a little bit so everyone can focus on both things. otherwise, great job!

  8. Jaclyn says:

    You did a really good in the speaking aspect of the presentation, you were dramatic at appropriate parts. Also did a really good job in the concept of media and the relation to the BP oil spill. In addition to that your powerpoint presentation was really wel put together. The way you constructed the power poont , with the precision of each slide created a tighter focus on your presentation. this blog post is proba bly going to be a list of good things about your presentation because I thought it was great.

    You give out a good outline of where your presentation is going to go in your focus on how the president’s behavior changes with the media. And how President obama acted on the crisis of the bp oil spill. Focuses on Obama’s motivational speech and visit made after the oil spill.

    Overall great job, I cannot think of anything that you could haave added, this was a really well done and well rounded presentation.

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