Brandy Simpson Presentation

Brandy Simpson – Coral Bleaching from Anand Rao on Vimeo.

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  1. Tori Wong says:

    Strengths: Good introduction to coral bleaching, you relate a somewhat difficult topic to all of us and impress the magnitude of the problem through your use of graphics. Your slides don’t inhibit your presentation, but rather offer a great focus for the audience, outlining the 6 points of rhetorical analysis for each article. I liked your tie-in to policy info…and your sweater…great work!

    Areas to improve: I didn’t really understand the idea of Andrew Baker’s article (bleaching is good for coral?). I know you didn’t want to spend too much time on introducing your text, but I think a little more information on the background of his argument could have been helpful to understanding the rhetorical effectiveness of all your articles. Also, you don’t make much eye contact, though I can tell you know what you’re talking about! Your presentation was organized really well, be confident about it!

  2. Sara Zolnick says:

    I thought you did a really great job of giving us background information on coral bleaching. It really helped me understand the issue better and I also liked how you used three different texts instead of just one. It shows that you really took the time to research this presentation. Your presentation was organized, easy to follow, and very informative but I wanted to see a little more enthusiasm! The delivery was a little flat and if you engage the audience more, you will receive a better response. Try to work on some more eye contact and not reading directly from your notes. Otherwise, great job!

  3. Jaclyn says:

    I find this topic really interesting, especially because the bleaching of coral has increased exponentially. You do a really good job on informing everyone on the problem at hand, and then how you create your analysis on the rhetoric in your topic. You use your articles really effectively in continuing to illustrate the problem. Did any of the articles go into what we are losing in our ecological community because of the coral bleaching? Because if articles did I think it might have been effective to say why specifically stopping this is important despite the obvious….that coral should not be bleached.

    A really strong aspect of your presentation is that you kept your focus clear and concise and went straight to the point. This could have been a very confusing topic for me since I do not know anything on coral reefs but you made everything every easy to follow.

  4. willbennett2012 says:

    I agree with what Tori said in that you seemed very informed on the topic and that you had a very neat and organized powerpoint. I also agree that you could use to make a bit more eye contact with the audience. It really helps to make it feel like a personal conversation with the group. I think for a mixed bag of majors like this class it might be effective to break the material down to just a little bit more basic of a level. I did understand it, but I think without the internship at a scientific institution that I had this summer, as a polic sci/phil major I would not have understood the argument that the articles you were presenting were making. Also try to get a little more into your presentation. It captivates the audience when the speaker sounds really excited about the topic.

  5. Val says:

    Echoing what Tori said- you did a really great job explaining what coral bleaching was. However, from what I understood coral bleaching isn’t something that we as humans are causing, at least not directly. It is nature responding to the warming ocean temperatures, so wether or not it is good seems to be a null point. It is happening and it is natures response. I think you could have included more visuals in a before & after kind of way. The image you start with showing the white coral is startling, but I think it would have a greater impact when placed next to a picture of an unbleached coral reef. I think your presentation would also benefit from more eye contact with your audience.

  6. Brian Brown says:

    As others have said, your topic is interesting and a good choice and, as Tori mentioned, your analysis of the two works is clear and effective. An area I think you need to improve on is your delivery and becoming more involved in the topic. The presentation just seemed a little dry. Just making more eye contact with the audience or changing the level of your voice would’ve made the presentation be more compelling.

  7. Kaley Huston says:

    I honestly had no idea about coral bleaching until your presentation. So that was great. I think it is a wide-ranging and important movement in environmentalism today so, thank you for educating me. I feel much more informed now. I also appreciated the succinct slide. Those were very effective.

  8. Kelly Horvath says:

    As others have mentioned, you did a great job introducing the topic and issue of coral bleaching. I had never heard of it and did not know anything about the problem until your presentation, so great job in choosing a new and fun topic. Your presentation was clear, and your comparison of the two first articles from the two different authors was good, but I think you could have gone into more depth about them. Also, at times you seemed to be less interested in the topic than at other times, which may cause the audience to also lose focus. The times when you were clearly interested were the most informative and easy to follow, so try to keep it consistent. Great job though and again great topic! It was interesting to learn about it.

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