Amanda Howland Presentation

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    I liked how you were able to connect this analysis to our real life concerns, and pointing out that virginia is one of the states at high risk for illness and death caused by the environment. Charts and the interactive map helped support the analysis a lot in showing its effectiveness, but i think it would be beneficial to know what type of people access this information, where do they access this information, and how likely are they to come across it. If his analysis is found it no doubt would make an impact but what are the chances of that? Additionally, the scholarly references of people involved with policy concerning this issue helps to add a strong foundation, which is really good to have in terms of knowing that there are people that see this as a problem or environmental thing that should receive attention.

    Ending with the fact that this is a problem that wis going on now and that will be going on in the future helps provide the persuasiveness that this problem isn’t going away unless we do something…strong impact.

    Overall, it was very convincing it getting the point across in establishing that power plants statistically speaking cause a lot of deaths every year from the pollution caused from the plant.

  2. Brian says:

    Strengths: The topic was well researched and the illustrations you put in were helpful, I particularly liked the one with Virginia that illustrated the risk posed by power plants.

    Area to improve: There shouldn’t be so much text on a slide. Makes it hard to focus between listening to the speaker and trying to understand what all is being said on the slide.

  3. kscrimsh says:

    You had a very interesting topic, but I feel like you need to be more enthusiastic (and believe me, I have a problem with that myself!:)). Another area you could improve upon is your slideshow presentation. Honestly, the moment you put up the first slide and I saw how much was on it, I began to lose interest. Stick with mostly images and very small/ brief sentences when you are messing with powerpoint. Otherwise, good job!

  4. Val says:

    You did a great job of relating this environmental concern to your audience. You really drove home the point that not only does coal production affect human health and the environment, but being that we live in Virginia its going on in our backyard. You did a good job putting together your powerpoint and including relevant and well researched information and statistics which you referenced, however it was very text heavy. I think your power point presentation would have benefitted from more visuals. I liked that you actually presented how the reports you analyzed have changed how the coal problem is being dealt with and didn’t just present the issue.

  5. Kaley Huston says:

    We’ve all seen the environmental aspects of coal but those were never really connected with the personal health issues that are associated with mining and even just close proximity. You seemed very knowledgeable on the subject and this came off very well. Next time, I’d say you should rely less on notes and establish more of a relationship with you audience. Also, the less words on the powerpoint, the more effective. I learned a lot from your presentation. Good job!

  6. Kelly Horvath says:

    Although this is a well-known environmental topic, you kept your presentation interesting with facts and the use of the website. I like how you directly related the problem to us by looking at the state of Virginia on the website and how many people are affected, this tactic really intrigued me. One thing I would say to improve is the amount of text on the slide. It was a little overwhelming when it showed on the powerpoint so next time I would try to reduce the amount of text on each slide. Otherwise, you seemed well informed on the topic and it was very interesting, good job!

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